Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Rant :)… Spoilers!



That is the christmas special… yea. I’m going crazy too… ūüôā ūüôā

This is simply a little itty bitty post to say OMG! ok. ¬†I feel better now. ¬†This was a fantastic episode, positively brilliant. ¬†Now I’m partially biased because I’ve been waiting for a new Doctor fix for ages. ¬†All I have to say is, when 10 (or is that 11 now?) says (regarding Trenzalor) “I don’t wanna go”. ¬†I almost balled like a little baby! ¬†And for anyone who has seen 10 (11?) regenerate knows what I’m talking about. ¬†Now we get to wait some more. ¬†Christmas people! ¬†Of course, that isn’t too long but man. ¬†Can’t be soon enough for me. ¬†Agreed? ¬†Ok, so now I must think up something crafty to commemorate this episode. ¬†Don’t know what yet… maybe a sonic screwdriver.. or the Moment… or something… dunno yet. ¬†I’ll think of something. ¬†Stay tuned! ¬†Allons-y!