Geeky is Sexy… Another Free Cross Stitch Pattern!

Hello!  So I’m sorta on a cross stitch kick… I’m like this.  I get craft ADHD.  I must try EVERYTHING.  I’ll stick with it a while then I’ll be like a dog and a squirrel… you know… blah blah blah, SQUIRREL!

Anyways, I’m loving cross stitch and all the cool things you can do with it.  I know all of you are Pinterest addicts like myself right?… RIGHT??  There are SO many neat looking things to do with cross stitch.  I’ve been using a free cross stitch creator at to make some patterns from different pic’s I find around the web.  Well loves, here is my latest and greatest!  And anyone who actually READS my blog should like it 🙂

geek sexy

Pattern geek sexy

Enjoy and please let me know if you make this! As always please don’t sell this pattern, I made it but more importantly I made it free using free software.  So I’m passing along the free-ness!




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