Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Rant :)… Spoilers!



That is the christmas special… yea. I’m going crazy too… 🙂 🙂

This is simply a little itty bitty post to say OMG! ok.  I feel better now.  This was a fantastic episode, positively brilliant.  Now I’m partially biased because I’ve been waiting for a new Doctor fix for ages.  All I have to say is, when 10 (or is that 11 now?) says (regarding Trenzalor) “I don’t wanna go”.  I almost balled like a little baby!  And for anyone who has seen 10 (11?) regenerate knows what I’m talking about.  Now we get to wait some more.  Christmas people!  Of course, that isn’t too long but man.  Can’t be soon enough for me.  Agreed?  Ok, so now I must think up something crafty to commemorate this episode.  Don’t know what yet… maybe a sonic screwdriver.. or the Moment… or something… dunno yet.  I’ll think of something.  Stay tuned!  Allons-y!


Geeky is Sexy… Another Free Cross Stitch Pattern!

Hello!  So I’m sorta on a cross stitch kick… I’m like this.  I get craft ADHD.  I must try EVERYTHING.  I’ll stick with it a while then I’ll be like a dog and a squirrel… you know… blah blah blah, SQUIRREL!

Anyways, I’m loving cross stitch and all the cool things you can do with it.  I know all of you are Pinterest addicts like myself right?… RIGHT??  There are SO many neat looking things to do with cross stitch.  I’ve been using a free cross stitch creator at to make some patterns from different pic’s I find around the web.  Well loves, here is my latest and greatest!  And anyone who actually READS my blog should like it 🙂

geek sexy

Pattern geek sexy

Enjoy and please let me know if you make this! As always please don’t sell this pattern, I made it but more importantly I made it free using free software.  So I’m passing along the free-ness!



Gallifreyan Cross Stitch Pattern

Okie doke, been a bit since I posted, so sorry! However, I’ve got some fun stuff for you today 🙂  Now, in case you all didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan… my inner fangirl knows no bounds.  So, I created a Gallifreyan Crest cross stitch pattern.  I can’t remember what this means (it may just be the symbol for Gallifrey), and I probably should have looked it up before posting but I’m one of those instant gratification people who just HAS to get it posted.  Like, now.


Pattern high gallifreyan

Pretty, no?

I hope this works, and if you want to make your own I used to create it.  Once you get the hang of it you can make almost ANYTHING.

Guys, all I ask is you don’t sell this pattern.  I made it for free, I’m offering it for free.  Though if you wanna sell something using this patter (as in finished product) have at it.  Share the pattern too 🙂 A link back would be great but honestly I just wanted to share the stitchy goodness!


The Newest Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer – SQUEEE!

Ok everyone, my inner fangirl (and outer for that matter) just went CRAZY!  Look at the latest and greatest trailer for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!!  Can I just say I’m super ecstatic that my favorite Doctor (number 10… TV equivalent of anything covered in chocolate) is back 🙂

Oh yea, this nerdgirl is happy.