Don’t Blink…

Don't Blink...

Oh yea, this crafty geek loves her some Doctor Who. So here’s something you can save and print and post and heck… do what ya want with it! Just don’t sell it. I keeeell you. My original work! Not that it was too difficult… did I mention I’m probably the only geek in the world who’s not exactly tech savvy with this blog stuff? Yea. That’s me.

Hey, but if any of you nerd-ish lovlies know how to make this as a downloadable attachment that would be epic. Seriously, people. I’m challenged like that.

Enjoy this little bit of spooky Doctor Who fun and if you don’t know what this is referencing… well… get hulu. Or Netflix. Look up the episode “Blink”. You probably won’t sleep tonight.



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